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Unicum Riserva is in the limelight in February

We have choosen a special creation by Zwack company and they latest release Unicum Riserva.

The spirit develops its uniqness through aging, which done in a special way, in two very different casks.

At first it goes to the oldest and biggest cask in the cellars, which has been around eighty years. Over those long decades the wood acquired a coating, called 'black honey' which gives some inimitable flavour to the spirit. Then visits a smaller, Tokaji Aszu cask, to enhance it's speciality.

Through those processes bitter and sweet meets in a very special way. Although Riserva keeps the Unicum basic characteristics, it becomes mellower with a hint of dried fruits, mainly apricots. Riserva stays discretly herbal, slighly bitter which gives a true challenge to bartenders to emboss its charactheristics.

At the bar there will be Old Hungarian, Budapest Cooler, Mr. Banana, King Julien and Uniclove for February. Mr. Banana is already reveald on Boutiq's Instagram account, but do not miss the others either!

Please enjoy them as much as we loved the process to create them! #boutiqmoments

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